Hello, welcome to this obscure little corner of the internet that is my blog…

I never had any intention to become a ‘blogger’ or any sort of internet sensation but after years of collecting Warhammer I have finally decided to share my collections and projects with the wider Warhammer Community and anyone else who might be interested. I joined a couple of online forums dedicated to various armies and factions etc. but needed somewhere to host media files to share with an audience, a few suggestions mentioned WordPress and so… here I am!

I’ve spent a bit of time trying to figure out how this all works and thought hell, if I’ve got a ‘blog’ to share media on the forums then I may as well go all-in and at least write down a bit of the workings and thought processes that accompany the work and collate all my stuff into one place.

I have a number of miniatures and collections, from various factions and armies across both the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K settings, in time I’ll be hoping to add some of my stuff to each of the sections on here but can’t guarantee it will be greatly populated any time soon!

Thanks for popping in – I hope you like what you see.


Latest Posts:

For The Empire!

“The aim with my Empire army was to collect as much as possible – generally at least 1 of everything – from around 6th ed onwards but this has also reached back a little bit beyond that to include some older minis too here and there.

So far the full desired list of items in my army goes more or less as follows…”

Intro – The Story So Far

“Though my Empire project is my main focus right now I do have plans in the pipeline to continue with my Imperial Guardsmen and High Elves, as well as committing fairly heavily to forces of Bretonnians, Vampire Counts, Imperial Fists and those good old Blood Angels…”