Time to Fly the colours

For a long time now I’ve been slooowly amassing and building my hordes of troops, repeating my long-winded process of removing mould lines and blue-tacking them together before moving onto the next regiment. The last few weeks have finally seen the last of my infantry getting weapons and heads added and now whilst I work through removing the mould lines from these and adding final touches like belt accessories etc. I have decided it’s now finally time to turn my attention towards trying out some colours and painting techniques – especially since there have been so many changes to the GW paint range since I last picked up the brushes!

The Contrast paints are something that have really intrigued me since their release so this weekend I went into town and picked up a couple of the most likely candidates that I might want to make use of. I had a handful of knackered old 6th ed. soldiers that are beyond redemption so I painted half of them up in a Grey Seer basecoat and the other half in Wraithbone (handpainted before I dive into buying a can of spray) and then did a few comparisons with the colours I’d picked out.

(apologies for the poor picture quality…)

My army is from the province of Wissenland in the southern Empire, their uniform colours are grey and their state emblem is red and black. Along with the state-specific colours Empire troops also have a lot of leather belts, shoes, hats and wooden weapons etc. so the colours I picked out this weekend were; Wyldwood, Snakebite Leather, Black Templar, Flesh Tearer’s Red, Guilliman Flesh and Space Wolf Grey.

First up…

Left: Grey Seer base, Wyldwood torso, Guilliman Flesh, Snakebite hat and shoes, right leg is based with Dark Reaper, right is just Grey Seer and then Space Wolf Grey applied to both.

Right: Wraithbone base, Wyldwood torso, Guilliman Flesh, Snakebite shoes.


Left: Grey seer base, Black Templar legs, Snakebite Leather torso (2x coats).

Right: Wraithbone base, Black Templar legs, Snakebite Leather torso.

Initial thoughts on these are that the Snakebite Leather and the Guilliman Flesh worked really well, two coats of SBL will be a nice lightish leather and the fact that the colour pools a little in places and thins over raised bits adds a bit of depth that I think actually works quite nicely for leather. The Guilliman Flesh on grey base I think is something I’ll also adopt to get faces and hands painted super quick on the rank-and-file, might even try out the other flesh colours for a bit of variety. The Wyldwood on the other hand I was less impressed by, I don’t know if it was user error with me slapping it on a bit thick or just the lack of raised detail on the torsos painted but at the moment the dark brown just looks a bit like a weak coat of flat brown paint, not much shade or definition that I can see as of yet, maybe need to do a bit more testing. BT black and FT red were on the fence, they go on really well and have great pigmentation but I’m not certain yet whether they will be the way to go, BT black might be because black is notoriously annoying to paint and this at least has better results than me just painting flat black, but the red despite looking good might not be quite what I’m after so maybe the good ol’ fashioned layer method might work better, it’s on the shelf for now. Space Wolf Grey was interesting and a cool experiment to do but it’s not quite what I’m looking for, it’s got a bit too much of a blue hue for me and makes things look a bit too Middenland for my liking!

All in all I’ve gained a few insights and one tester in particular is getting me along the right lines, this is a Grey Seer base, Dark Reaper on the left leg and then a light wash of Nuln oil across both legs to bring it down a little. The torso was Flesh Tearer’s Red x2 coats, looks ok but as above, not 100% sold on that just yet…

I think the next stages of paint testing from here will be to strip these guys down again, add some heads and arms and then focus on some more targeted methods with subtler variations rather than the wide-approach of this weekend. I think the final style is very much going to end up as a bit of a hybrid with some parts being contrast paints, and others having the tried and tested base-shade-drybrush approach. Hair tones will also be on the cards as well as some other tidbits like hat feathers, white socks and maybe some metallics too…

Anyway, that’s all for now so thanks for reading this nonsense. Until next time!

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