Intro – The Story So Far

I have been collecting Warhammer miniatures for the majority of my life, starting as a youngling whilst in Primary School in the late 90’s-early 00’s. I had a bit of a hiatus through Secondary but still maintained a ‘soft spot’ for it and eventually got back into the hobby during my time at University (I clearly needed to put my procrastinations to good use!).

My early ‘collecting’ consisted of generally getting anything and everything that I thought looked cool that particular week in my local GW store, this led me to accrue a variety of units from all over the show; Chaos, Lizardmen, Undead, you name it – most of which were gleefully put together with an inordinate amount of glue, a handful will have been splodged with paint and the rest would remain woefully incomplete for the rest of time!

As I grew a bit older my collecting thankfully became more focussed towards particular armies, namely Imperial Guard to begin with (my first love <3) followed by Blood Angel Space Marines and I had started to build a collection of High Elves before growing away from the hobby in my mid-late teens. When I eventually got back into the hobby years later I picked up where I left off with the Island of Blood High Elves and a shed load of Imperial Guard battleforces to significantly bulk out my forces.

Following this first foray back into the Warhammer world I found myself planning and amassing what has turned out to be a significantly large Empire army – this was a bit odd to begin with as I’d had a unit of 6th ed Empire handgunners years ago and the range had been given a significant overhaul in my years away in the wilderness. When I came back and saw all the new stuff that had come along in the interim (across all ranges, not just Empire) the Empire guys really didn’t catch my attention (hence why I’d initially gone back to my High Elves). I can’t pin down what changed my mind on this or when, it might have been influenced in no small part by playing through The Witcher 3 – but who knows?

Anyway, fast forward to now and at the time of writing this I have been slowly and surely collecting, building and what I call ‘prepping’ (removing mould lines and blu-tacking together) a huge Empire Force for about the last what? 5-6 years maybe? As it stands progress has been relatively slow but I’m now reaching a stage where soldiers are being glued together, I have acquired 90% or so of everything I had set my sights on getting and pretty soon I hope to finally be breaking out the paintbrushes and after the long arduous road, getting some units to a state of completion.

Though my Empire project is my main focus right now I do have plans in the pipeline to continue with my Imperial Guardsmen and High Elves, as well as committing fairly heavily to forces of Bretonnians, Vampire Counts, Imperial Fists and those good old Blood Angels, as well as a small smattering of Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Dogs of War and pooossibly some Tau along the way? We’ll see what the future holds.

For now I’ve set up this here blog-thing to document the things I’m working on which I’m also going to link in with some of the forums I’m on. Thanks for dropping in and hopefully you find some of this stuff to your liking.



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