For The Empire!

The main focus of my hobbying over the last 5-6 years has been my mighty Empire army. First and foremost I will clear something up straight away – yes they are on round bases and not on squares, but I can assure you that this is well and truly an army grounded in the WFB lore of the Old World and not an AoS Freeguild force. I don’t actually play any tabletop wargames so my collection is purely for my own personal enjoyment of collecting and hobbying, I debated long and hard about how to base them and despite the stigma they might get for having roundies, I personally feel the round bases are more aesthetically pleasing and seeing as though I don’t need my units to ‘rank up’ on a tabletop then the round bases won the toss. Please don’t write them off because of the shape of their bases!

Right, now that’s cleared up – let’s get down to business!

I got into Warhammer in the mid-late 90’s and through the 00’s so miniatures from that era around 6th ed (I think) are what I remember fondly, Mordheim was around at that sort of time, multipart plastic kits were getting good and special units and characters were on maybe their 2nd generation of metal miniatures. The aim with my Empire army was to collect as much as possible – generally at least 1 of everything – from around 6th ed onwards but this has also reached back a little bit beyond that to include some older minis too here and there.

So far the full desired list of items in my army goes more or less as follows…

Lords & Heroes

  • The Emperor Karl Franz himself;
  • Mounted Elector Count;
  • Emmanuelle von Liebwitz;
  • Kurt Helborg;
  • Ludwig Schwarzhelm;
  • Marius Leitdorf;
  • Markus Wolfhart;
  • +/- 11 or so varied Generals/Captains;
  • 2 – 3 Battle Standard Bearers;


  • Volkmar the Grim incl. War Altar of Sigmar;
  • 2 Arch Lectors – Kaslain & Aglim;
  • Luthor Huss;
  • +/- 10 or so Warrior Priests;


  • Balthasar Gelt;
  • Battle Wizard Lord on Great Eagle – considering this to be Gregor Martak OR Berndt Aberwold;
  • +/- 9 or so Battle Wizards (at least one from each of the colleges of magic);

Core Units

  • 85 Halberdiers (across 4 units);
  • 40 Spearmen (across 2 units);
  • 70 Swordsmen (across 3 units);
  • 18 Manann’s Blades;
  • 40 Crossbowmen (across 2 units);
  • 60 Handgunners (across 3 units);
  • 20 Nuln Ironsides;
  • 75 Greatswords;
  • 20 Archers;
  • 24 Huntsmen (across 2 units, 1 of which is Wulfhart’s Hunters);
  • +/- 60 or so Militia;
  • 30 Flagellants;


  • 6 Demigryph Knights;
  • 12 (maybe more) Reiksguard Knights;
  • 12 (maybe more) Knights Panther incl. Grandmaster;
  • 12 (maybe more) Knights of the Blazing Sun incl. Grandmaster;
  • 12 (maybe more) Knights of The White Wolf incl. Grandmaster;

Artillery / Gunnery School

  • 5 Outriders;
  • 5 Pistoliers;
  • 3 Great Cannons;
  • 3 Helblaster Volley Guns;
  • 3 Mortars;
  • 1 Helstorm Rocket Battery;
  • 2 Steam Tanks;
  • Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed;
  • +/- 5 or so Engineers;


  • Celestial Hurricanum;
  • Luminark of Hysh;
  • Teutogen Guard;
  • Priests of Ulric;
  • Sisters of Sigmar;
  • Witch Hunters

And many more!…

At this moment in time I reckon I’ve actually got in my possession a good 90% + of that listed above. I don’t have a huge amount left on my shopping list to complete the units still outstanding, most of the items I’m still looking for tend to be the older metal footsoldiers and command models to round out the partial units that still have incomplete numbers, and those sort of things, really just bits and bobs now.

The years have been spent rounding up and keeping track of all the things I wanted and at the time of writing this, all core units of infantry have now been prepared with mould lines removed, weapons and arms all assigned. My tasks now are working through the various command elements for the infantry so Champions, Standard Bearers and Musicians and then to assign heads and accessories to all.

Anything not infantry has generally also been planned, prepped and is either blu-tacked together or in the case of the big things like KF, the War Altar and Magical War Machines they remain on the sprue awaiting their time in the sun.

As I move forward from here I hope to document more of my progress and the works I’ve got ongoing my worktop. Watch this space…



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